Thai Massage Therapy

Light Center Massage Hillcrest San Diego

This modality may also be called "Thai Yogic Bodywork". Based on Ayurvedic medical theory, Thai massage is traditionally practiced in temples and clinics, according to prescriptions by practitioners of eastern medicine. In that setting, the work is often used as a form of acupressure.

Thai work has much in common with Shiatsu. Both are traditionally practiced on mats on the floor. Pressure is applied along the channels of energy that run throughout the body. In addition, the recipient of Thai bodywork is put into various yogic poses that enhance the effect of the massage.The assisted stretching adds to the relaxing effect of the work, and further opens the meridians.

With the increase of tourism in Thailand, this honored form of bodywork has become popular among tourists even on the beachs there. As a result, Thai massage has also gained in popularity outside of Thailand.

Frank usually blends Thai with Shiatsu to produce a unique and very effective form of bodywork. Both forms may also be blended with western modalities to address your specific concerns. Longer sessions of work done on a table will usually include Shiatsu and Thai. You will find this a relaxing and energizing experience.