You can tell the difference! If you want a massage that makes you feel good for days instead of an hour call Frank Arce. He delivers a great therapeutic massage with his own unique blend of styles and techniques.

Wayne G. North Park

Frank has been my massage therapist since 1993 when we first met. I have always been impressed with his integrity, commitment to healing through his hands and his desire to continue his education by learning new massage techniques.

As an epileptic, my body is tense and it feels like there are knots everywhere. A seizure can lock my body down and result in unbearable pain after the seizure for days. Frank is the only masseur I know that can gently unlock my body in one session and when he is done with me, I float home and sleep deeply.

He is flexible with scheduling and will work with your chiropractor or healthcare professional to make sure you get the best massage that's tailored to your needs.

Frank is EXCELLENT! 5 Stars!

Darrin F.

I go to Frank for Massage regularly to work out the stresses and strains of daily life. He always asks, as he begins his work, what parts of the body need special attention and sometimes it's my neck or my back muscles or my feet that want some deeper work. Frank is smart and interesting too so you don't need to just stare at the walls but an option is to enter into dialogue with Frank as he works. Frank has been my only massage therapist for 15 years. Very highly recommended, highly ethical, considerate. Go for it!

James B.

I have been seeing Frank since he started his practice in San Francisco. I have flown to San Diego just to get a great massage from him. He is professional and a highly skilled therapist with a variety of techniques. Go get work done by him! He is caring, honest and really good.

Donna D.

Frank is amzing. He is totally intuitive, knowing exactly what part of your body to address. And he is courteous and professional. I actually live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But whenever I visit San Diego, a trip to Frank's is on the agenda. Highly recommended!

Radi S.

Frank is fabulous! He is a very talented and intuitive therapist. I always leave feeling totally refreshed. I highly recommend his services.


I love Frank. He is an extremely talented therapist. I had just done the LA and SDGO marathons two years ago and I saw him. I thought he was going to go lightly on me but he really fixed me. I would see him every week but I live in Denver now.

Charlie W.