Benefits of Massage

Massage is a way of helping you to maintain your health in a natural way. The results are only beneficial. You can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing. A relaxed body is more energetic, allowing you to complete your daily goals with greater ease. End every day with a sense of satisfaction, and you will meet all your goals.

Massage helps make you more aware of where you are holding your stress, and better yet, reminds you that you are ultimately your own healer. The process does not involve drugs, so the body is encouraged to use its innate healing abilities. My clients report that the best part of body work is the loving attention they receive from me.

Not just a luxury for the wealthy, massage is among the oldest and most natural aids to enhancing health. All cultures have some form of body work. Human touch is a human need. In our society, too many of us do not have that need fulfilled. Give yourself permission. Give yourself a wonderful gift.