Deep Tissue Massage

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The fasciae, or covering, of the muscles may adhere to each other, restricting motion and causing pain. Slow, deep strokes along the muscles are intended to help separate the tissue. This increases circulation of blood and lymph fluid. The amount of pressure, as with most body work, depends on what is tolerable for the recipient.

Applying deep tissue massage at the appropriate time can help reduce the development of scar tissue after physical trauma. Sports injuries and work-related disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented or alleviated with deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage methods range from traditional Rolfing, to Myofascial Release, to Visceral Manipulation. Rolfing began with Ida Rolph's deep pressure technique. Myofascial Release, as taught by John F. Barnes, uses a gentle, sustained pressure. Visceral Manipulation may almost be called "energy work" in its very lightness of touch. All can achieve profound results.