Lomi Lomi Massage

 Light Center Massage Hillcrest San Diego

Each of the Hawaiian islands developed its own form(s) of massage (or lomi lomi). Sacred Lomi Lomi was revived in the twentieth century after it had been repressed by missionaries. This form of Lomi Lomi had traditionally been used in a "rite of passage" for young people to help them find their roles in their communities. It was also used to help leaders achieve clarity of vision during critical times.

In the old days, a Sacred Lomi Lomi session could last twenty four hours or more. Teams of healers would work together, relieving each other till the goal was achieved. After however many hours of rhythmic, repetitive strokes to continuous chanting and drumming, recipients' psychological barriers would be broken. They would have had profound experiences which would reveal to them their purpose in the community. These revelations were often accompanied with visions, but most importantly with a great sense of having arrived and of presence.

For us, a session may last usually about an hour to an hour and a half. Much can be achieved within this time, though. At the very least, you will feel a great tranquility. Best done with at least two practitioners working together, one skilled practitioner can do wonders.